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Custom Built Homes, Home Renovations and Home Remodeling


Custom Built Homes

In many ways a new ground up build is easier than a renovation or remodel as you are starting with all new materials and a new foundation. It's fresh and perfect because you are not dealing with the sins of the existing original build.


The process of a new build always starts with the site prep and placement of the foundation on the lot. You then move into framing, setting of doors / windows, and building the roof and porch structures.


Typically in a new build, if the architect and builder stay in close touch there are not many surprises, only opportunities. An engaged relationship between the home owner, the builder and the architect ensures that all are on the same page and the project stays ahead of opportunities.

Home Renovations

In the renovation process, you want to keep as much of the original fabric of your home as possible, restoring it to its original condition. Most historical homes fit this category, as you want to save everything that you can. This can be challenging in that many times, the old materials are just not available anymore. Items such as brick, tiles, windows, roofing and other exterior fabrics are not made anymore. It can also be challenging to remove and replace worn out and obsolete systems such as electrical, plumbing and HVAC.


This is where you have to get very creative in making new materials look like the existing materials by affecting their color or texture. In a renovation, we are often refurbishing old windows, flooring, doors, and other items in order to save them.


Renovations can often times cost more than a remodel or a new build. You tend to spend more to salvage and rework a piece than if you simply just bought it new. That being said the end result of a renovation is worth the effort in preserving the historical integrity and character of your home.

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Home Remodeling

Remodeling involves the process of changing, relocating, or replacing. In most remodels you are rearranging interior spaces, adding additional space, or both. With these types of projects you need to have X ray vision or at least know enough to allow for the unforeseen.


Often times in a remodel you are not saving anything other than the foundation and maybe some of the exterior walls or portions of walls and roofs. These projects are really much like a new build after you get the foundation, walls, and roof put together. At that point it is often hard to detect the home has even been remodeled.


In all cases, the goal is to have it look as if it was built originally and to have the new areas flow seamlessly together and not feel or look like any work has been done.

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