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Texas Arch & Austin Home - Tirrell back yard night toward main house (2016_09_30 16_07_22

Ford Strei Custom Built Home on Enfield in Tarrytown

This Ford Strei Custom Built Home on Enfield in Tarrytown was a brand new ground-up build. The lot was small and the plan called for a pool to sit between the main house and the rear guesthouse. We realized that to make this all fit within the City of Austin setback rules, the overhead power in the rear of the property would have to be relocated to an underground service. After this hurdle was overcome, the building process began.

Project Overview

The build went off without a hitch and we had a lot of fun working with Frank Welch who would fly down on a monthly schedule with his assistant for the usual question and answer sessions. There were many unique features involved with this build. It was what I like to call a “precision build” where each component had to fit perfectly and align to be spot-on. At the end of it all, the client has a perfect inner-city getaway with privacy that is hard to find in the middle of town.

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