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Lake Travis Cliff House

This home on Lake Travis was completed in early 2020.  It was designed by LaRue Architects for this client.

The homeowner owned the lot and there was an existing home on the property that had to be removed.

The new design has multiple outdoor areas as well as a pool; all nestled up to a high cliff overlooking Lake Travis and facing south and west. The sunsets are amazing from their vantage point.

This home has most of its feature moments facing the lake. They include an upper deck that is cantilevered out from the office.  A large downstairs deck with sunshades that are concealed in the ceiling.

A large pool with a negative edge that appears to spill off the cliff.

A side yard grilling area with an outdoor kitchen, a large fire pit, and sitting area with turf grass for zero maintenance.

The exterior veneers of the home are a combination of stucco with polished stucco soffits.  The stone veneers are dry-stacked with very tight joints and the remainder is wood and metal sidings.

The interior has a large master suite all overlooking the cliff and the lake.

The house has stunning views from just about every room in the house.

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