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Ford Strei Custom Renovation on South Hill Circle in Tarrytown

This Ford Strei Home Renovation on South Hill Circle Tarrytown was originally a typical ranch-style house with a low roof and ceiling. The house was gutted and the roof was removed. The lumber was salvaged and later turned into planks for interior details. The design of the new build called for multiple additions to the foundation and careful use of steel components to carry the large overhangs and cantilevered upstairs areas. Additionally many areas of the house were built to accommodate butt glazed corner windows.

Project Overview

The interior of the house features an expansive master suite with sleek contemporary cabinetry millwork (built on-site) and high gloss walnut flooring. The master suite has a stone fireplace, which was a special challenge due to its location over the ceiling of the dining room below. All systems were replaced in the house including a lighting control system, and audio/visual systems.

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