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Ford Strei Home Remodel on Windsor Road

The architect’s vision took full form when all of the finishes came together. As you approach the house you see the same façade and style that the home previously boasted, but once you walk through the front door it takes on a whole different feel.

The modern clean lines and elegant details shine to make this home one of the finest examples of true remodeling with intent and purpose. The interior views of downtown Austin are simply amazing. The design played to the strengths of what the existing home had to offer and what the location offered. Creating a luxurious and functional living space.

With modern style builds, you set out to build a home that is so refined and tight, you can’t afford to be 1/8” off at the critical moments. The details you see when the product is finished start when you are laying your foundation.

A remodel of this proportion, with tight build tolerances, will no doubt have many evolutions, tweaks and changes along the way. The Windsor Rd project had the proper design team and the right clients to work through that process and make a fabulous one of a kind home.

Some of FSB’s amazing craftsman worked extremely hard to get all of the details as perfect as humanly possible. When you add top tier craftsman to a great design and build team you get an extraordinary product.

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